Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Twelve Chapters for Doftana: 12

Yannis Ritsos


From Doftana's dread gate sets out the chants of
"Lenin" of Bikas lifting the mountain in the air.

From here they went out to the socialist factories with their wide backs
growing wider with their breathing, Romania.

From here they went out to the mines their blackened faces
revealing bright smiles and white teeth.

From here they set off singing
the collective farms of Domprotsa with their sleeves rolled up.
From here the corn marched out in golden armies
their peaceful tassels waving gloriously .

And now upon Doftana the red flag waving
like an upright vein in which flows the blood of communists,
the blood of new lives that ascend the world's heart
Flushing the cheeks of our brothers with two healthy wheels.

May 15, 1958

from The Architecture of the Trees (1958) [Collected Poems: The Timely ---pg 353-354]

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